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How To Hide Your Man Boobs

Though I specialize in helping guys to get rid of man boobs, knowing how to hide your man boobs is also an important skill for us man boob sufferers.

Given the right methods, it can take a good few weeks for your chest to flatten out. During those weeks, it really helps with your confidence if you're able to successfully hide your man boobs. The good thing about hiding your man boobs is you can look as though you have a flat chest, instantly.

So imagine walking around today, with an air of confidence, the girls checking you out, your mates complementing you on the way you look, and people automatically treating you with respect. As opposed to struggling through a man boob reduction regime, knowing you'll eventually get a flat chest, but all the while, people secretly snickering about your chest when you walk past, girls finding you repulsive, and your friends casually making jokes about your 'bitch tits'.

Though my clients love the prospect of one day losing their man boobs, they would much rather do that, and have something to help improve their lives today. Hiding your man boobs can do just that, so let's get cracking at how it's done.

Wearing a Compression Vest

A good compression vest looks just like a normal vest, people will have no idea you're wearing one. Choosing the right compression vest is all about weighing up the level of compression vs comfort and breathability.

Too much compression and it can feel like someone's sitting on your chest. Lower range, extremely high compression vests usually also don't allow much room for air, so you get sweat trickling down into your pants, and within a few hours, can look like someone just poured a bucket of water over you.

So ideally you want to find a vest that gives you just the right amount of compression to make it look as though you have a flat chest. No more, no less.

So, without further ado, here are some vests that I've tried.

Underworks Mens Microfiber Compression Tank

Did you know that microfiber is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk?

This particular vest used to be my favorite to wear in the summer. It's so thin, that it's almost like you just feel the compression without the extra heat of having some fabric pressing tightly against your skin.

There are however, some downsides to having this extra comfort and breathability...

The vest is so thin, that it doesn't really look like a normal vest when worn on its own. It's pretty see-through, so people can see your bulging bits being compressed. Also, being as thin as it is, its level of compression is perhaps not high enough for guys on the larger side of the scale.

So this vest is ideal for guys with moderate to small man boobs who want to wear something underneath their clothing. It's ideal for wearing under a summer t-shirt for example.

You could describe this compression vest as the opposite of the one  above. Where the microfiber one above is all about comfort and breathability with minimal compression, this one provides maximum compression. It has two layers - an inner nylon spandex layer, covered by an outer cotton layer.

So there's obviously very little room for breathability. The good thing however, is it looks pretty good when you wear it on its own. The thick layering makes it near impossible for anyone to tell you're wearing a compression vest.

I would advise you wear this one on its own, and not wear anything over it, unless of course it's winter or you live somewhere freezing cold.

Another disadvantage of having high compression, is that it tends to ride up your torso when you move around. You can prevent this by tucking it tightly into your pants.

The good thing about this one is it provides a decent amount of even compression throughout the torso. So if you have a bit of a belly going with those man boobs, it'll help you compress that too.

This one is 75% nylon and 25% spandex. Nylon and spandex allow for a decent level of compression. However, since it lacks microfiber technology, it's more visible when worn beneath a t-shirt, and can get pretty uncomfortable on a hot day.

It's less transparent than the microfiber one above, but I still preferred to wear this one underneath my shirts.

Of the ones I've reviewed, this one's probably the best all-rounder compression vest. Though it's more a full t-shirt than a vest.

It has a microfiber shell, lined with spandex fabric to give it that extra bit of compression. It looks great when worn on its own, and yet the microfiber makes it very comfortable to wear.

It's not as comfortable as the first one I reviewed above (since that one is microfiber-only), but since it provides more compression, and looks good when worn on its own, if you're only getting one compression vest, I'd recommend you get this one.

Other Clothes That Hide Your Man Boobs

Getting a compression vest is the ideal way to hide your man boobs. But you also have other methods at your disposal. They can either be used on their own, or in combination with a compression vest.

A dark, loose and thick, top is better at hiding man boobs than something light, tight and thin. It also really helps to wear a jacket. But this can be a problem in the summer.

When I had man boobs, I remember spending more time outdoors in the winter, than I did in the summer. Because in the summer, you either look weird because of your man boobs, or you look weird because you're the only one wearing a jacket when everyone else is sweating it out in t-shirts or topless.

So rather than wearing jackets, wearing thick or wearing dark in the summer, why not go for shirts with vertical stripes?

Firstly, shirts cover man boobs a lot better than t-shirts do, because of all the extra embroidery in shirts.

Also, vertical stripes give people the illusion that you're thinner than you actually are. Take a look at the stripes below. Which block of stripes looks thinner? I made the following patterns myself on Photoshop, I know they are exactly the same block of stripes, with one of them rotated at 90 degrees. And yet even to me, the vertical stripes on the left look thinner. If you like, you can take out a ruler and measure them.

Taking A Cold Shower

Have you taken a cold shower before? Though a cold shower isn't nearly as comfortable as a nice hot one, cold showers come with a range of different health benefits, and can leave you feeling invigorated and full of energy after the shower.

There's one particular thing I realized with cold showers when it comes to man boobs. A good cold shower can temporarily shrink your man boobs, and especially shrink puffy nipples. This effect can last a good few hours after the shower, so if you've gotta go out for a quick one, then you may consider stepping into the shower and turning the faucet toward the blue.

Exercising To Hide Man boobs

If you use weight training to grow muscle in the right places, it can really help to hide your man boobs. This is worth doing because it's far easier and quicker for most guys to grow muscle, than it is to lose weight or lose man boobs.

Using exercises like the incline dumbbell press to build the upper chest, and the shoulder press to build the shoulders, can really go a long way in making your man boobs less visible. It's also important to train your upper back. If you only ever train your chest, it causes your shoulders to hunch forward, and can even make your man boobs look bigger. By training your upper back as much as you train your chest, it makes your shoulders stay in a neutral position to the sides, and this helps to increase the width of your upper body.

In my experience, when guys with man boobs have broad shoulders and a wide upper body built from doing the right weight-training exercises, nobody ever realizes that they have man boobs.

Actually Getting Rid Of Your Man Boobs

A good set of  compression vests in your wardrobe can literally change your life. I've seen it happen, not just in myself, but also in my clients. I always advise my clients to get a good compression vest. But in the end, ultimate freedom and unwavering confidence will only ever come from actually losing your man boobs.

It's all good and well when other people think that you look great, but the most important person is YOU. You have to know that you have a great body, a man's body. That's the only way you'll ever truly be confident. So while you're wearing those compression vests, it's equally important to get started on a natural male breast reduction regime right away!

To get started, I highly suggest you take a free trial of my advanced program, How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Losing Man Boobs With Progesterone

Many have heralded progesterone as the "forgotten hormone" in men. While we know - all too well - the role of progesterone in pregnancy, very little is known about the role it plays in men.

Progesterone levels are just as high in men as they are during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle in women.  Since the follicular phase lasts for two weeks, that means generally half the time, men and women both have the same levels of progesterone.

Losing Man Boobs With Progesterone

So what does progesterone do in men? It sure as hell isn't there for show. The human body just doesn't work that way, there's always a reason behind everything.

The Multiple Roles Of Progesterone in Men

It turns out that men have progesterone receptors all over their body, just like women. This means progesterone has a wide range of different actions on the human body.

Progesterone acts on the testes to influence sperm production and function, and on the central nervous system, where it influences the secretion of other important hormones, helps improve sleep and mood, and affects tumor progression. It also acts on the immune system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the kidneys, helps with fat loss via direct action on adipose tissue, and does so much more.

How Progesterone Helps in Losing Man Boobs

We know that estrogen and testosterone are the two main hormones involved in gynecomastia and man boobs. Almost everything else that affects your man boobs, does so by altering the balance between these two hormones, and the effect these hormones have on your body.

Well you might be surprised to learn that progesterone is a precursor to both estrogen and testosterone. Both of these male sex hormones are produced from progesterone. So progesterone plays a huge role in determining the levels of these two hormones in your body.

Since man boobs are caused by high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone, progesterone will help by both reducing estrogen, and increasing testosterone.

The studies suggest that progesterone in men is more of a masculine hormone than a feminine hormone.  Even if your levels of estrogen and testosterone are normal, progesterone will increase your masculinity by improving your libido, giving you stronger erections, increasing your muscle mass, and helping you to lose body fat.

This is because progesterone not only reduces levels of estrogen when they are high, it also antagonizes the effects of estrogen, and prevents the conversion of estrogen to its more active form, estradiol.

As well as testosterone being produced from progesterone when levels of testosterone are low, progesterone is also known to block the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is not only a far weaker stimulant of  muscle growth than testosterone, it's also the main cause of common conditions in men like male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. DHT has also been linked to prostate cancer.

So keeping in mind that progesterone not only decreases the estrogen to testosterone ratio, but also has it's own actions that are very much similar to testosterone, it's clear that this hormone can play a HUGE role in helping a guy to lose his man boobs.

How To Use Progesterone To Help Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Well as always, my first suggestion would be to increase levels of this hormone naturally through your diet.

Good food sources of progesterone include anything that contains high levels of magnesium. This includes pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and cocoa (in dark chocolate).

Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, which helps with progesterone production. It's  good to know that they're also one of the best source of selenium, which helps with testosterone production.
Yams and sweet potatoes are also good sources of key micronutrients that lead to increased progesterone in your body. Native American women have traditionally used wild yam to relieve morning sickness, asthma, rheumatism, joint pains and labor pains, all of which are known to be relieved by progesterone.

Yams are a good source of micronutrients that lead to increased progesterone levels in your body. Natural progesterone is actually produced from yam and soy bean extracts.

Supplementing With Progesterone

Avoid Synthetic Forms Of Progesterone - Go Natural

When supplementing with progesterone, I highly advise you avoid any form of synthetic progesterone that you purchase with a prescription, like Provera. Synthetic progesterones have been linked with various cancers and a whole host of different symptoms and side-effects.

It's pretty scary how in the scientific databases, doctors and biologists commonly don't differentiate between synthetic progestins and natural bio-identical progesterone. All of the studies where progesterone has been associated with cancer and negative effects, have used synthetic progestins, and usually at much higher than physiological doses, where higher levels of progesterone are induced in animal models than could ever be achieved naturally.

On the other hand, when you use bio-identical natural progesterone at physiological doses (i.e. no more than 8-10 mg per day in men), there are virtually no side effects, and the body can actually use this progesterone to make other hormones like testosterone and corticosteroids where they are needed.

Always opt for micronized United States Pharmacopeia (USP) progesterone. The USP is a non-governmental, official public standards-setting authority for prescription, over-the-counter medicines and other healthcare products. They reliably ensure your progesterone is made and naturally sourced the way it says so on the bottle.

Avoid Pills & Tablets - Use Creams

I also advise you avoid taking progesterone orally. With the oral route, much of it is metabolized and inactivated by the liver, and you also have to deal with side-effects cause by the multitude of liver metabolites that result. It's far better to introduce natural progesterone straight into your blood via absorption through your skin, by using a progesterone cream. The progesterone created by your own testes and adrenal glands enters your body in a similar fashion - straight into your blood, rather than through your gastrointestinal tract.

Progesterone Cream
It is far better to use a progesterone cream than it is to take a tablet/pill. The cream enters straight into your bloodstream, just like the naturally produced progesterone in your body does. Tablets and pills have to go through your GI tract, where they undergo chemical changes and metabolism by your liver.
When using a cream, you don't have to always apply it on your chest. The effect of a progesterone cream comes mostly from a raised level of progesterone throughout your body in your blood. I advise you apply it on different areas of your body to avoid any contact sensitivities. You can apply it on your chest, inner arms, inner thighs, or abdomen. Rotate from one area to the other, every few weeks.

Also, you'll likely be befuddled by the fact that almost all progesterone preparations are made for women. It's perfectly fine for you to purchase a women's brand of progesterone, it's all the same. Just make sure you don't use the same dose as women do. Women are generally advised to use around 20mg per day. Men are advised to use 8-10 mg per day.

To Learn More About Progesterone And Losing Man Boobs...

You can learn more about how to use progesterone in losing man boobs over here in this article.

Important: Progesterone Alone Will Only Do So Much...

Though a good progesterone cream can be very helpful in losing man boobs, getting rid of excess body fat and growing some muscle, it's still only one piece of the puzzle.

No supplement can replace a good dietary and exercise regime for losing man boobs. The modern environment has a huge influence on your estrogen and testosterone levels. To lose your man boobs, you have to use as many methods as you can to reduce the overall estrogenic effect on your body, and increase the overall effects of testosterone.

I have taken the theory and experimented with dozens of different methods both on myself, and as a personal trainer on a few hundred clients. I've found that some of these methods are far better than others. To discover what they are, watch this video on how to lose man boobs naturally.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Visual Impact Muscle Building - Getting The Hollywood Look

Face it.

Most of us guys don't want to look like the muscle-heads we see at the gym. Those huge steroid-pumped guys in bodybuilding magazines just make us sick.

What we really want is to look lean and masculine. We want to look like those celebrities on the cover of Men's Health magazine...

The likes of Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner.

I remember watching Blade Trinity when it came out. What a shit film. But I'll never forget the moment I saw Ryan Reynolds go topless. Nothing gay here. I jast saw his body and thought "Oh my God, that is THE perfect physique... I would do anything to have a body like that. Anything".

Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity - How d'ya get a body like that?

Seeing that movie made me work out like crazy for a good few months.

Now I don't ever recall a bodybuilding magazine having that effect on me.

See, Hollywood knows what we want. These guys have it figured out. When it comes to the male physique, they know what the women like to see, and they know the kind of physique that men aspire to have.

You don't often see huge bodybuilders playing the lead role in an action movie. Heck even Arnold had to reduce his size way down for his roles in Conan and the Terminator.

The best way to describe this physique is to call it the "Hollywood" look.

Now of all the books I've read on losing fat, building muscle, getting stronger and fitness in general, I've only come across one serious guide that focuses purely on how to get the Hollywood look.

It's called Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore.

The vast majority of other muscle guides are hell-bent on getting you as big as is humanly possible. Either that, or they just tell you "Hey, build what muscle you want, then cut down on your training so you don't get too big".

But what these other books don't get to is...

 there's so much more to getting that powerful Ryan Reynolds Hollywood physique than just bulking up and trimming down the fat.

Since I read Rusty's book, I've met a lot of guys who have a good amount of muscle, and fat percentages in the single digits, and yet they look nothing like Ryan Reynolds did in that movie.

It's unfortunate that so many of these guys just give up and blame it all on their 'bad genes'.

But the truth is, Ryan Reynolds did something else that most of these guys don't know about.

Hollywood stars have access to some of the best, most expensive personal trainers in the world. These guys would never give away their secrets by blogging about them or writing books. That's why you rarely see these methods being discussed here on the internet.

In Visual Impact Muscle Building, Rusty Moore exposes the secret, little-known techniques used by Hollywood's greatest.

Unique Concepts You've Never Read About Before...

What Rusty suggests in his book, is that after you've grown the amount of muscle you want, you change your training to target the contractile proteins within your muscle cells. You do this by changing certain exercise parameters. For example, you lift heavier, reduce the number of reps, and increase the time you rest between sets.

What this does is it increases the density of your muscles, and makes them harder at rest. Most guys who lift weights at the gym end up with soft, rounded muscles that don't look very attractive at all, and don't make you look very strong.

With Visual Impact Muscle Building, you'll learn how to give your muscles that chiseled look. Your muscles will look angled, with sharp edges. Your body will feel harder, and as a bonus, you'll also be stronger and feel more athletic.

Now you might argue, "Hey, I've heard about all this muscle 'density' stuff before, there's nothing new about that.'

Of course, Rusty didn't invent muscle density training. But what's unique about Rusty's book is he's the only guy I've come across who gives you a detailed plan on how to convert soft muscle to hard muscle.

See, before I read Rusty's book, I used to train for growth and train for muscle hardness (i.e. myofibrillar hypertrophy and neurogenic tone) separately during different workouts. What Rusty shows you in his book, is something called 'hybrid' training, where you combine both types of training in one workout.

Tweak Your Training to Get The Look You Want

Want Gerard Butler's abs? Taylor Lautner's traps? Ryan Reynold's Shoulders, and Daniel Craig's chest? No problem. Rusty shows you how to tweak your routine depending on what you want.

Another thing I like about Rusty's book is he teaches you the fundamentals, so you can go and tweak your workout to achieve the look you want. Then you can adjust your workout depending on how your body responds.

One thing I particularly like is he goes through case studies of guys with different types of physiques. Rusty shows you pictures and points out where different guys have gone wrong with their physiques. It's amazing how a little too much muscle in just one body-part can throw all your hard work down the drain.

The author goes into detail on how you can customize your physique by changing different parameters in your workout.

A Special Hollywood Secret

At the end of his 3-phase workout routine (read about the 3 phases here), Rusty throws in a bonus phase, where he talks about a special secret revealed by Taylor Lautner when he trained for New Moon.

It's called the "shrink-wrap effect". This is an advanced technique you should only use after you already have some level of ab definition.

Tighten the skin around your muscles with the "shrink-wrap effect", and stay shredded for an entire summer!

See, the problem with getting extremely shredded and defined and looking like a warrior on the beach, is with most people, the skin is too loose for the abs to be visible without special lighting.

The shrink-wrap effect is a special tweak that makes your skin wrap tightly around your muscles, so you look totally ripped - like your body was carved out of a thousand-year-old rock.

Unlike the typical "carb-loading" that guys use at the gym, the shrink-wrap effect lasts for months, and if you do it properly, it can last you the entire summer.

Imagine walking around all summer in a body that looks like an anatomy chart.

How To Get Results Quickly

In traditional bodybuilding circles, you'll be told that it can take 15 years or longer to reach your genetic potential in muscle growth.

While this may be true, fortunately when it comes building the Hollywood look, you only need to reach a small percentage of your genetic limit before you can start the muscle-hardening process.

It may take 10-15 years to achieve 90% of your genetic potential in muscle size, but you can easily achieve 60-75% within a year. That's more than enough muscle for the Hollywood look.

This is really encouraging, because it means you can get some decent results in just a few months or even weeks of getting started.


Visual Impact Muscle Building is one of those rare books that really brings something new to the table. A lot of the stuff Rusty discusses in the book, I've not seen discussed anywhere else on the internet, or indeed in other book.

Rusty does more than just give you a step-by-step workout routine. He teaches you the skill of getting the look you want. He arms you with knowledge so you can go and devise your OWN exercise routine and sculpt the body you want.

Seriously. What do you want to look like? Wanna look like a bodybuilder? Or do you prefer the 'GQ' look? Or maybe you'd rather get that men's health cover-model look, or the hollywood look? Maybe you've been inspired by a particular Hollywood actor.

Whatever body you want, Rusty's book, Visual Impact Muscle Building is an excellent place to start.

To get Rusty's book, or to learn more about the program, click this link to go check out the Visual Impact Muscle Building home page.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Can Cold Water Showers Help You Lose Man Boobs?

The latest studies suggest that cold water showers can not only help you to lose man boobs, but they can also help you to lose weight and grow muscle. They also come with a host of other benefits, including a stronger immune system, improved circulation, protection for a vast array of different diseases, delayed ageing, and better mood.

In a recent study in the Thrombosis Research Institute, men who took regular cold showers were found to have higher levels of the hormone testosterone. Since man boobs are caused by a high estrogen to testosterone ration, increasing your testosterone levels is a powerful way to flatten out that chest.

If you've got man boobs, you'll also notice an awesome immediate benefit of taking a cold shower. As soon as you step in, the body immediately starts to divert blood away from the surface of your body, in an attempt to conserve heat. It does this by constricting the blood vessels that supply your skin. As a result, your man boobs and your nipples will literally shrink before your eyes.

This effect can last a good few hours after the shower, so if you've got a party or some other get-together to attend, and you don't have a compression vest, then you might consider taking a cold plunge ;).

High testosterone will also help you to lose weight and grow muscle. There are also other mechanisms via which cold showers help you to lose weight and grow muscle.

Numerous other studies have confirmed the increase in muscle growth and fat loss resulting from cold water exposure. You would think that your body would adapt to the cold by increasing your layers of subcutaneous fat. Though subcutaneous fat does indeed help to insulate your body against the cold, for whatever reason, the human body simply does not adapt to the cold in this way.

Instead, the human body prefers to increase its ability to PRODUCE heat. It does this by increasing the number of brown fat cells in your body.

Cold Exposure Turns On Brown Fat Cells

Brown fat cells are good fats, while white fat cells are the ordinary fat you and I are trying to get rid of. Brown fat is very closely related to muscle tissue. Where muscle burns calories from fat and sugar to produce movement, brown fat cells specialize in burning mostly fat, to produce heat.

When you are exposed to cold water, the body uses two different mechanisms to produce more heat. These include shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis. Heat generation via brown fat cell metabolism is the main method of non-shivering thermogenesis.

If your body isn't acclimatized to the cold, and you step into a cold shower, or the freezing cold outdoors, then your body will respond by shivering. Though shivering does burn a lot of calories, what you REALLY want to be focusing on is non-shivering thermogenesis, which makes use of those brown fat cells.

See, brown fat cells are not only activated during cold exposure, they are also made to proliferate by the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. As a result, your ability to generate more heat during cold exposure goes up, so you lose even more calories as you become more and more adapted to the cold.

Other studies have also found that regular cold exposure increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Ama divers in Korea for example, are found to have a higher BMR during winter months, when the water is a lot cooler.

Another interesting finding, is that cold water immersion helps you to recover faster after exercise. Also, if you expose yourself to the cold DURING a workout, say a quick cold-water dip before your last set of squats, it helps you to do more reps than you normally could.

This is thought to be due to the temperature-sensitive enzyme, muscle pyruvate kinase (MPK). Muscles need MPK to generate chemical energy, and studies have found that MPK becomes deactivated as temperatures in the muscle reach 40°C (104°F). So by cooling your muscles down, you allow MPK to remain active, so your muscles can do more work.

Now the good news is you don't need hours and hours of cold exposure for your body to become cold-acclimatized. All you need is a few minutes a day. To find out how you can use cold showers in a way that maximizes weight loss, I suggest you go check out this article.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Reduce Man Boobs Quickly - Tips On Body Fat Reduction

For the vast majority of guys, there is no 'secret' regarding how to reduce man boobs. You just have to lose weight.

For those who need more than just to lose weight, losing weight is still an essential component of any man boob reduction regime.

Even if you are skinny, further reducing body fat will help dramatically in your effort to reduce man boobs. You can put your weight back through a healthy, nutritious diet after you have lost your man boobs.

Why Losing Fat Is So Important If You Want To Reduce Man Boobs

Here's why reducing body fat is so important...

Estrogen is fat-soluble, and is stored inside fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the more estrogen is stored in your body. Also, fat cells contain an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. This results in a triple-whammy effect on growing man boobs. A high body-fat count causes your body to...

1. Store more estrogen
2. Produce more estrogen
3. Reduce testosterone

It is a medical fact that man boobs are not caused by increased estrogen alone, but rather by the estrogen to testosterone ratio. Men who have reduced testosterone levels and normal estrogen levels are known to develop man boobs as well. This happens in conditions such as hypogonadism, where the testes are unable to produce normal levels of testosterone.

When estrogen levels go up and testosterone levels go down, this produces a HUGE stimulus for the growth of man boobs, and will thwart any attempt to reduce your man boobs.

If you are humongously obese, then you can forget about any specific techniques for getting rid of man boobs. Your first and main goal should be to reduce body fat, and only then should you worry about specific tactics on how to lose man boobs.

On Body Fat Reduction...

Forget weighing yourself. Weight is a poor indication of how much body fat you have. Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed in at a massive 250 lb during competition time. His body fat count was in the single-digits - almost as low as is humanly possible.

Start exercising and watching your food intake today, and gauge your success from the way you look, the way your clothes fit, and the way the opposite sex responds to you.


The single most important factor for body fat reduction is diet. No amount of exercise will make up for a bad diet. A small, 100g bar of chocolate bar contains roughly 550 calories. It takes up to an hour of jogging to get rid of that many calories.

But it isn't just about how many calories you consume. The type of food you eat is also important, so is the timing of your meals and the size of your meals. Here are some tips.
  • It is important to reduce your consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread and white pasta. Needless to say, you should also avoid junk foods like chocolate, sodas and potato chips. 
  • Also try to avoid saturated fats, namely red meat and whole-milk dairy, including cheese, sour cream, ice cream and butter.
  • Try to eat small, frequent meals - say at least 5 small meals per day. By avoiding large meals, you will limit the release of insulin after meals, thereby reducing the storage of fat.
  • Eat nothing for 3 hours prior to going to bed. The trouble with eating anything just before bed is since you won't be using those calories for energy in producing movement, most of the food is likely to be stored as fat while you sleep.
  • Do some exercise just after (preferably just before) every meal. Exercise causes special receptors called 'GLUT4' receptors to move to the surface of muscle cells. GLUT4 receptors are found in both muscle cells and fat cells. They are glucose transporters that are regulated by insulin. When insulin is released after a meal, it causes lots of GLUT4 receptors to come to the surface of fat cells, allowing fat cells to absorb glucose. When you exercise, much of the glucose from your food is absorbed instead by muscle tissue.
Cardiovascular Exercise

Although diet is the most important factor for losing weight and reducing man boobs, it will take you forever to lose weight without exercise. The best approach is to do both.

Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to lose body fat. Cardio is best done in the morning before breakfast. This is because by the time you wake up in the morning, most of the stored sugar in your liver and muscles is depleted since you haven't eaten anything since the night before.

For this reason, when you do cardio before breakfast, your body resorts almost immediately to fat oxidation for energy.

You should do cardio at least 3 days per week. The more days you do cardio the more fat you will lose, so if you have a lot of weight to lose, go for the full 7 days. The maximum length per session should be 1 hour, with a minimum session-length of 30 minutes.


Dieting and cardio causes much loss of muscle tissue. When you do cardio, you generally lose 50% fat and 50% muscle.

Since muscle is more metabolically active than fat, losing muscle causes your basal metabolic rate to go right down. As this happen, your body's energy consumption at rest decreases. This means that you will have to eat even less just to maintain your current level of body fat. As you lose more fat and more muscle, you will have to exercise harder and eat less and less just to continue progressing.

Loss of muscle tissue is one of the most common reasons for a plateau in one's progress during a weight-loss program.

To avoid this plateau entirely, you need to combine the above tactics with a good weight-training regime. Although maintaining or building muscle with weight-training does little to directly reduce man boobs, it will help you to lose fat by raising your metabolism.

Another benefit to weight-training is that the increased musculature can transform the appearance of your body, giving you a more masculine appearance. This makes it much less obvious that you have man boobs.


So what are you waiting for? Your chances of success will be highest if you get started right now! Don't leave it till tomorrow and, if you can help it, don't even leave it till later today.

Stock your kitchen with some healthy food options, go out for a brisk walk, cycle, swim or jog and lift some weights.

Losing weight and getting rid of man boobs takes time. It won't happen over night, it wont even happen in a week. You'll be working at it for a good few weeks before you see any results at all. You have to know that what you are doing works, and you have to persist until you start seeing results.

The main reason the vast majority of people never manage to lose weight or reduce man boobs is because they tend to give up after a few days or even weeks of seeing no results despite all their effort and hard work.

Those who do lose weight successfully, tend to do so because they get into a rhythm and a routine. They start to enjoy eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis. They stop looking for results, and hence don't get frustrated by the lack of results. Then after a few weeks of persistence, their hard work pays off.

Make exercise and eating healthy an enjoyable part of your every day life and your goal to reduce man boobs will be a walk in the park.

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The 3 Gynecomastia Treatment Options...

Dear Man Boobs Sufferer

If you are suffering from gynecomastia, then you have three different gynecomastia treatment options...

1. Medical therapy
2. Surgical treatment
3. Natural treatment

1. Medical Therapy

If you think you have gynecomastia, the first thing you should do is see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. There is a small possibility that your gynecomastia is being triggered by an underlying illness, such as hyperthyroidism, a pituitary tumor, renal failure, androgen insufficiency syndrome, and others.

If this is a case, then you have to leave it to your doctor to treat the underlying illness. In most cases, treating the underlying illness will, over time, result in your gynecomastia receding.

Medical gynecomastia therapy can be highly effective, though it can lead to a number of different side-effects.

If there is no obvious underlying medical cause, then the following medical treatments may be used to treat your gynecomastia directly.


Gynecomastia results from high levels of the female sex hormone estrogen, and/or low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Clomiphene is an estrogen receptor blocker. Not only does it block the effects of estrogen on your chest, but it also blocks estrogen receptors in your brain, which results in an increase in testosterone production.

Studies have shown that up to 20% of patients on clomiphene achieve complete resolution of their gynecomastia. Up to a further 50% achieve partial resolution.

Side effects are rare, but include blurred vision or other vision problems, headache/dizziness, lightheadedness, mood change, nausea, bloating, stomach pain and vomiting.


Tamoxifen is an estrogen antagonist. It works by competing against estrogen for estrogen receptors. It is known to lock onto estrogen receptors in the breast and have no positive estrogenic effect. By doing this, it prevents real estrogen from binding to these receptors, thereby reducing the effect of estrogen on your breast tisue.

Studies have shown that up to 80% of patients on tamoxifen experience either partial or complete resolution of their gynecomastia.

The list of possible side effects include: bone pain, constipation, coughing, muscle pain, nausea, tiredness.

2. Surgical Gynecomastia Treatment

Contrary to what most doctors will tell you, only a small proportion of men with gynecomastia will actually need surgery.

Surgery is needed when gynecomastia reaches the fibrotic stage. This occurs when the breast tissue has been exposed to high levels of estrogen for over a period of 12 months.

Surgical treatment can involve liposuction and/or surgical excision. Although highly effective with almost immediate results, it can come with a number of nasty side-effects.

Prolonged exposure to high estrogen levels causes the development of breast glands behind the nipples. If this exposure continues the breast glands become hardened through a process called fibrosis.

Hardened fibrotic breast glands cannot be removed medically or via natural means. The only option to remove these is through surgery.

Surgery can be performed on almost anyone with gynecomastia, even if you don't have hardened breast glands. Surgery is the only option that will get you results almost immediately, so it may be suitable for those who are impatient and want results now. It is also a suitable option for those who for some reason do not respond to medical therapy and are unable to comply with a natural gynecomastia treatment regime.

There are two surgical options available.


Liposuction is a very common cosmetic surgical procedure for men. It's quite common for up to 50% of patients in a cosmetic surgical practice to be men, with up to 30% of these patients undergoing liposuction. Common areas for liposuction in men are the abdomen, chest, love handles and chin.

For gynecomastia treatment, liposuction can only be used to remove excess fat tissue in the chest. It cannot be used to remove breast glands. For this reason, liposuction for gynecomastia is almost never in my opinion, an essential procedure. Excess chest fat can always be removed using either medical therapy or natural gynecomastia reduction methods.

Liposuction is however, a viable option to those who want quick and effortless results.

The procedure can be carried out with you put to sleep, or awake using local anesthesia. A tiny cut is made in your skin just below your armpits on either side, and a thin liposuction tube (measuring only 1-2 mm in diameter) is inserted through it. Suction is then applied to remove the excess fat in your chest.

It's a very simple procedure and full recovery takes about 2-3 days. A tight bandage will be applied around your chest after the procedure. You may experience numbness and bruising over the chest area, and this will heal by itself over a course of 2-3 weeks.

Surgical Excision Of Breast Glands

This is the only way to remove fibrotic breast glands. In most cases where excision is necessary, it is used in combination with liposuction. The surgeon first removes the excess fat using liposuction, then he/she is able to locate and remove the breast glands with more precision.

Surgical excision is carried out by making a small incision around the nipples. The size of the incision depends on the size of your breast glands, and in some cases can be quite large, resulting in visible scarring.

Problems And Risks Of Surgery

These include an asymmetrical appearance, chest deformities, folding residual skin, inadequate resection, skin pigmentation changes in the breast area, and recurrence of gynecomastia. There are also the generic risks of bleeding and infection.

Surgery may be the quickest way to remove gynecomastia, but it does nothing to address the cause of gynecomastia. For this reason, if you do not combine natural or medical therapy with the surgical option, it is highly likely for your gynecomastia to come back in the months or few years following surgery.

Surgeons will always tell you the risk of recurrence is low, but this is only provided you are undergoing concurrent medical therapy, or an effective diet and exercise regime.

Costs Of Surgery

Insurance usually does not cover the cost of surgical gynecomastia treatment, and if it does it will not cover the entire cost of the procedure.

The cost of surgical gynecomastia treatment varies depending on the severity of your condition, and also depending on which doctor you see. Generally, a surgeon with higher experience and reputation will charge you more. You can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. The national average cost in the United States is around $3,500.

3. Natural Gynecomastia Treatment

The natural treatment of gynecomastia is something that all gynecomastia sufferers should consider. Since surgery doesn't address the cause of gynecomastia, even those with fibrotic breast glands should make use of natural gynecomastia reduction methods.

Natural gynecomastia reduction should be practiced by all, regardless of whether you need surgery or not. It is the safest and, in the long run, arguably the most effective method available.

The first port of call should be to see your doctor for a diagnosis and an exclusion of sinister medical causes. The second, provided medical causes are excluded, should be the reduction of excess breast fat and non-fibrotic breast glands via natural methods alone.

Studies have shown certain natural substances such as curcumin and piperine to be either just as effective or more effective than tamoxifen in blocking the effects of estrogen. When these natural substances are combined with hormone-manipulating and fat-reducing exercise regimes, you can be sure that your results will far exceed anything you can gain from medical therapy alone.

Natural gynecomastia treatment is highly effective, almost totally cost-free and involves no dangers or side-effects whatsoever. This is why I recommend for all of my clients whether or not they plan on undergoing medical/surgical therapy, to adopt a natural gynecomastia reduction regime.

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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Naturally.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Special Routine For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

If you've done your research on getting rid of man boobs naturally through exercise, you'll know that the best way to get rid of fat from your chest is to do whole-body cardiovascular exercise, rather than isolated chest exercises like pushups, bench presses and dumbbell flys.

The best exercises for getting rid of man boobs are whole-body cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming and cycling

This is because isolated chest exercises do very little to burn fat in the local area. The body is far better at causing fat loss throughout the entire body all at once, as a result of cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming and cycling.

"You would lose more fat in the chest if you spent an hour running, as opposed to an hour doing pushups."

The latest research however, suggests something new.

It suggests that the best results by far can be obtained when we, in the right way, combine cardiovascular exercise with localized chest exercises for getting rid of man boobs.

A number of studies have suggested that during and after a session of cardio, lots of fat is broken down all over the body, but not all of it is transported away for use as energy.

This is especially true in fatty areas like the belly, bum, love handles and chest/breasts. The reason the broken-down fat cannot be carried away is there is not enough adipose (fat) tissue blood-flow. Since the broken down fats can only be transported in the blood, a lack of blood flow in these fatty areas means that the broken-down fats will stay put and end up not being used by the body at all. They are simply re-assimilated back into fat.

This all makes it even more difficult to really get rid of fat from those stubborn areas. The more fat there is in a particular body-part, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. Thankfully however, there is a way around it.
Studies have shown that if you increase the local adipose-tissue blood flow by administering the drug adrenaline subcutaneously (beneath the skin), it causes an increase of the flow of fatty acids and triglycerides away from the fatty area post-exercise. 
Now this doesn't mean that you have to inject yourself with adrenaline after every workout. What it DOES mean is that you can use other less invasive and more natural methods of increasing adipose-tissue blood flow to accelerate fat-loss in a particular body area.

"That's right, I'm talking about spot-reduction - it IS real, and it really DOES work, but only if you use it in the right way."

There are three different ways I know of that have been shown scientifically, to increase local adipose-tissue blood-flow...
  1. Exercising the muscle beneath the fat. So yes, doing pushups if you're concerned with getting rid of man boobs.

  2. Stretching and/or deep-massaging the fatty area. Studies have shown that the increase in adipose-tissue blood flow from deep massaging can actually even get rid of cellulite - just from massage alone.

  3. Applying heat to the area in question. So yes, there is some truth behind those neoprine belts.

A Step-By-Step Exercise Routine For Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

With the above in mind, here's a step-by-step approach to reducing fat from the chest area for getting rid of man boobs...
  1. Strap a neoprine bellly trimming belt around your chest. You should have no trouble getting one, as they're very inexpensive.

  2. The next step is to do some cardio to signal the body to break down those fats into their basic building blocks - fatty acids and triglycerides. Cardio is most efficient when done first thing in the morning before breakfast. You must do cardio for at least 30 minutes to break down a sufficient amount of fat - preferably for a maximum of 1 hour.

  3. Do a specific chest exercise during the middle of your cardio session. So if your cardio session is 1 hour in length, stop at 30 minutes and do a set of pushups, bench presses, dumbbell flys or cable crossovers. Lift a light weight so you can do at least 20 reps. Your goal here is not to grow muscle size, but rather to get the blood flowing.

    You can either do one set, two, or three. It's up to you. There are no direct scientific studies to show the optimal number of sets and reps for spot-reduction. I only suggest that you use a light weight so there is enough time under tension to get the blood flowing.

  4. Get back to the second half of your cardio session, and when finished, do another round of pushups, bench presses or dumbbell flys.

  5. Thoroughly stretch your chest muscles at the end of the workout, holding a stretch on each side of your chest for at least 1 minute.

  6. Get someone to give you a deep massage in the chest area, or do it yourself.

I have used the above routine on a number of my clients, and on myself, and I have to say the results are phenomenal compared to just doing cardio alone.

Once you've got your chest handled (and believe me, it won't take you long with a method as good as this), there's no reason to stop there - the same method can be used on almost any body area. Many of my clients have gone on to use it on their belly with excellent results.

Remember however, that there is nothing miraculous about this method. You still have to watch your diet and do regular cardio to benefit from it. If you are already getting some results with getting rid of man boobs, then selectively increasing adipose tissue blood flow in the chest area can greatly accelerate your results.

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